Thursday, November 12, 2009


Have you ever had a dream? A dream of something that felt so strong inside you that it hurt when you saw others accomplishing it? The children in the Hope Journey program each have a dream of having a family of their very own. Parents that will come to their high school and college graduations. Grandparents for their children. A support network that will always be there for them, no matter what. They see other children getting adopted into families and feel that pain and wonder...where is my family? Well, it's ASIA's job to find that family for each and every one of them. We have to find where their red thread ends. We have to find the families that will help them soar to new heights. We have been able to match 18 of the 30 children so far. We have 12 more who are still waiting. Could you be a parent to one of those children? Could their dream of having a family be shared by your dream of having a child? Were you meant to see this site and find your child? Find me for more information on the children, or view them on the ASIA website:

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