Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sweet Seely

 You may have seen sweet Seely in pictures I posted shortly after our trip to meet these kids. Doesn't his sweet smile just melt your heart?

Seely is a very sweet boy who is helpful and playful with younger children. As you can see in the picture, he showed us this side of him as he played with another child pretending to eat her treat and then giving it back several times. What a cutie! Seely was nearly 2 1/2 years old while we were there and he was already making two word phrases and was very verbal. His nannies said that he learns quickly and would learn whatever they were able to teach him. He is a curious, inquisitive and friendly little boy. He gave Fei a kiss on the cheek when she asked:-) I think he was showing off a bit, as he showed us how he could climb into the cubbies and back out. His special need doesn't limit him very much. He asked hat the nannies put on some music so he could dance and he did a little jig! It was so cute! Seely would make a great addition to any family. He would be a warm, cuddly and affectionate little boy who is also smart and great with younger children. Although he does have a streak of jealousy when he sees his favorite nanny holiding someone else (a good sign for attachment at this point!). Seely's file is currently available. Contact me if you would like to consider him:

Friday, December 23, 2011

Magic of the Holidays

All around the world people celebrate different things this time of year, but no matter what you celebrate, we wish you peace, health and happiness!

This time of year people seem to think of others more than any other time of year. Passions lie in different areas, but here at ASIA, we have a passion for finding children families. Sometimes a child just touches your heart, and that has happened to all of us at ASIA, at one or many times. We would like to help all of the children of the world, but we're taking it one child at a time. If you would like to join our mission and help one child at a time to find the unconditional love of family, please consider sending your year end contribution to ASIA's Gift of Family Fund. It helps to make adoptions possible for children and families that otherwise might not be able to be united. It has already changed several lives and we hope to be able to continue its magic in the coming year. If a monetary gift is not possible, we welcome volunteers to help us spread the word about waiting children to help unite them with their forever families. Give the Gift of Family this year. There is nothing more important.  Enjoy your family this holiday season! Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Dream for Yuna

When I first met Yuna, I wasn't sure we could find a family for her. She was in a room with children who were physically handicapped and there were no toys or any form of stimulation in there. She was playing with a tupperware container--licking it, hanging upside down, climbing on the railing, anything to provide herself with the stimulation she wasn't getting from her environment. My heart went out to her, but I thought to myself, I just don't know if we can find a family for a child who looks like she could be autistic....

Then I saw Yuna in her Half The Sky classroom--WOW!!! What a difference! She made eye contact with her teacher, she participated in activities, and she attemped to communicate her wants and needs. She even sat in her teacher's lap without any fuss. This gave me hope for Yuna and I thought perhaps we can find her a family after all. I think this child has potential. If given the stimulation she doesn't get in her room at the orphanage, and a loving family to work with her, I think she would make incredible progress! Can't you see the happy child inside this girl who is just itching to get out? She needs someone to open up her world with language and help her experience all of the firsts that she hasn't had the opportunity to experience yet. Wouldn't it be amazing to watch her face light up at seeing Christmas lights for the first time? Or taking her swimming? Or any of the other activities you would introduce a baby or toddler to for the first time? I gave her a set of markers and some paper that I had and it was like seeing a starving child eat. She was so interested in figuring out how those markers work!

I think that the right family could help Yuna blossom. Could you be that family? Do you know anyone who could? Please pass on Yuna's information to anyone you can think of. I know it won't be easy to find her a family, but I believe Yuna has potential and her family must be out there!  Please contact me for more information about Yuna--her file is available: 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hope for the Holidays

Hooray for Jason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The happiest news for the holidays is that Jason will have a family! It warms my heart to know that he will have the love of a wonderful family. They are very experienced and I have full confidence that they understand the severity of his condition. They are prepared to love him through whatever care he may need and I have full confidence that they can and will do so. Congratulations to Jason and his family! Joy beat me to the announcement because I have been so busy trying to help the family get him home as quickly as possible. Back to work...Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Joyous Jaci

Jaci is a bright-eyed, happy, dimpled 1 1/2 year old girl. We didn't meet Jaci, as she was recovering from her surgery at the time we were there. Jaci is somewhat of a tease and loves to be with her nannies. She has a quick smile, and whenever her nannies say "Good girl, [Jaci], she laughs showing her 4 little white teeth and her cute dimples. As of June, she could crawl and roll over fast. What a sweet little one! Who wouldn't delight in her antics? If you would be interested in considering cute little Jaci, contact me:

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Updates on our Adorable Kiddos!

As always, there is a good news with the not so good news. I'm thrilled to be able to announce that Tacy, Josh and Jasmyn have families pursuing them! Congratulations to their new families!

The not so good news is that many of the rest of the kids don't have a lot of interest. Files are currently available for: Dalton and Rachel (if you have a dossier completed), Shane, Evan, Hogan, Sherman, Simon, Caroline, Balin, Jeb, Lewis and Yuna. Of course, Jason's file is available to anyone who wants to seriously consider him as well. We do have interest in Jason, which is extremely encouraging!

Dalton and Rachel are both Non-Special Focus kiddos until mid-January(ish), which means they are only available to families with completed dossiers before then. If you would like to get on the list to view their file, but you don't have a completed dossier, you may do so, but you won't get the file until early January.

Please contact me if you have any interest in any of these kiddos! They're all precious and in need of families!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Cute and Pudgy Simon

Simon is a happy, silly, roly poly little guy. He's so cute and pudgy, his little cheeks just draw you in, don't they? Simon is a smiley and cuddly 3 year old boy. He just aged out of the Half The Sky room at the orphanage. He is not possessive, follows instructions well and shares well with other children (great brother, here!). While they were playing, our OT and Simon bonked heads. Simon cried and went to his nanny for comfort and then went back to the OT, crying loudly, as if to say: "I'm mad at you, that was mean!" So cute! Way to stick up for yourself, little guy!

We all know that boys are very hard to place, so if you know anyone who would consider him, please send them the blog link or have them contact me:
Let's find Simon's family!

Friday, December 2, 2011


Jason is the boy who made our hearts melt the moment we met him. He is a sweet boy who is in desperate need of a family who can get him the surgery he needs, which no one will do in China. His adoption must be expedited and his only hope is if we find him a family. But Jason is more than just a special need:

 Look at this playful little tike:-) Even though he has very low energy, he is still a tease in his own right! Jason has been moved from the orphanage to foster care because they think that he is unadoptable, but I know different! I've witnessed families doing amazing things for these kids before and I just know there is a family that would love to have Jason as a part of it!

Don't his eyes captivate you? He is a beautiful baby! He is only 1 year old and now is the time to get him the surgery he needs. He is a happy boy, despite his condition and there is no doubt that he would bring his happy smile, cuddles and love to the right family. Jason loves to be cuddled by his nannies and entertains both himself and his nannies with his attempts at blowing raspberries. Could you be the family that is the recipient of his good humor and sweet cuddles? Please contact me:

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cute Caroline

Cute Caroline is a shy little girl when she first meets new people. She warms up in a group setting and when she is happy she is friendly and outgoing. She hugged us and sat in Dr. Hayes' lap voluntarily. She, like all of the other kids in the room, were very interested in us and the treats we brought along. She also played readily with the Lego-type toys, putting the pieces together. Her teachers at the Half the Sky school mentioned that she was extremely shy when she first came to the school, and didn't talk much. Since she has gotten more comfortable in the school setting and with  her teachers, she has become more responsive and interactive. Caroline's heart needs some healing and she needs to develop the love and trust that only a family can provide. To learn more about Caroline, please see our waiting child list or contact Marci: 

It was hard not to scoop them all up and take them home!