Friday, August 28, 2009


Felice is a pretty ten year old that the CCAA has determined is healthy. I can only give you my impression, but she did, indeed appear healthy. She also appeared rather quiet and serious and focused. She was attentive to detail as I could see from the art project – it’s a lovely basket of flowers. She liked having her picture taken with me and other kids and adults, although she rarely smiled; I think she may have been shy and a bit overwhelmed by it all.



Gregory is an eleven year boy who is considered healthy. It was hard to get to know him because he seemed so shy. He understood the interviewers, but wouldn’t answer except with a shake or nod of the head and an occasional smile. As with the others, he was “into” making his drawing and seemed very engaged in that. Once finished, he sat quietly and watched the others. I didn’t seem him interact much with the other kids, but I’m not sure if he knew the other kids very well. He’s one boy I would have liked to spend more time with, I wanted to know what was behind his gentle and shy smile.


Thursday, August 27, 2009


Wendy is a pretty ten year old with a repaired cleft palate. She has an especially pretty smile and as she relaxed with us, her face lit up often. She sang a short song for her talent, and did an excellent job. Her voice was on key and, although I don’t speak Chinese, it sounded as if she sang without any effect from her cleft palate. I may be wrong of course! She was friendly and bouncy in the group, a bit more shy when interviewed, but even there she seemed to enjoy herself. I noticed that when she was coloring or writing, she brought her face very close to her work.


I wish you could see all of the adorable pictures she has!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Files Available for Viewing!

There are currently many children's files available for viewing. I'm shocked that little Hannah in her minnie mouse dress does not have anyone looking at her file now that we finally have it. Beautiful 12 year old Jane who is so poised is also not currently being considered by anyone. Clarke, aka Muscle-Man, is also available for review. Quinn, Scotty, Lin, Nate, George, Jillian, Skyler, Julia, Ruth, Archie, Sherry and Beatrice all still need to find their families. These are all wonderful children who stole a piece of our hearts and it's up to us to find them families. If you're interested in any of them, please contact me now to view their files. If you could see their sweet faces, I just know you would jump at the chance!

Now while I have your attention, you may have noticed that Half The Sky is helping us advocate for Lucy. Lucy has an extremely serious heart condition and likely needs a transplant and a family to fight for her and get her the care she needs here in the U.S. If you know that family, please have them contact me. Thank you for following this journey.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Three of our younger boys need to have more families looking at their files. They are Nate, age 5; Lin, age 6; and Quinn, age 5. I must admit that having raised a son, I’m partial to boys. And when six little guys all about the same age, came bounding into the large, decorated hall looking all agog, my heart skipped a beat – maybe two beats. Darn, if they weren’t all adorable and curious and full of that little boy energy that I so enjoyed when my son was little. The boys seemed to hang out mostly in pairs, or as a gaggle of geese – sticking close together!

Nate has a beautiful smile and charm to go with it. I loved his drawing of a fish; it was colorful and balanced. I felt that his picture said a lot about his personality – sunny and warm. His special need is hip displasia and he seemed little bothered by it – he moved around Just Fine! I noticed that Nate and others with a physical limitation seemed to have no sense of being different or coddled by others.

Lin, who is deaf, is also a beautiful little boy. He was definitely the most introverted of the six youngsters, but that seems reasonable due to his inability to hear. He stayed pretty close to his nanny. His drawing is also interesting in that it is linear and ordered – perhaps like his universe – or is there something else he wanted to communicate? I would love to know what meaning he has conveyed in the drawing.

Quinn, yes, another cutie, was full of energy – but not so much as to be annoying (ok, I admit I’m getting old). His special need is chronic conjunctivitis, and I didn’t notice any inflammation on our day together. He had a lot of fun playing with one of the inflatable parrots – part of our Hawaiian theme and he and Scotty hung out a lot. Quinn’s drawing is a fun one – it could be a caterpillar, or a pig or a monster. We need him to tell us!

Think about any one of these boys – yes, they face some challenges, but they all seemed well adjusted and otherwise healthy. Help us bring them all “home”.

Adopting Older Children

During our visit to China for Hope’s Journey, in addition to spending a day with the children and staff, I had the opportunity to meet two ASIA families in Guangzhou with their newly adopted son and daughter. These were older children – ages 11 and 12. These two youngsters were among the fortunate and their new families felt even more fortunate to add these cool kids to their families. It makes me think of how much all the older kids from Hope’s Journey need a family too. Our oldest kids waiting for families are Clarke, Julia, Gina, Sherry, Skyler and George – all 13; followed by Jane who is 12; Gregory, Ruth and Archie – all 11. Every one of these children seemed motivated and enthusiastic. Sure some were shy, but we only had one day to be together. Julia seemed to be a jaunty sporty girl, while Gina and Sherry seemed more “girlie girls”. They all loved having their pictures taken and had an easy and relaxed way with one another. Clarke was especially outgoing and mature, while Gregory was quiet and shy. I can’t help wondering how their personalities will emerge with a family to call their own. Seeing the difference between the kids in Hope’s Journey compared to the two kids with new families, it was easy to see the new adoptees joy in their new life. Help us make that happen for our Hope’s Journey’s kids – particularly the older ones that are running out of time for a family.

Finally We Have Their Files!

We finally received the files for the 4 children that were added to our program last minute from Shenzhen! Hannah, Michael, Clarke and John now have files available for viewing. Their names always remind me of Peter Pan for some reason....I hope we can rescue them from Neverland so they have a chance to grow up:-) We have a small list of families to begin working through for Hannah, but the others have no requests yet! These are all wonderful children--let's find them the families they deserve. Please contact me for information:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Note About These Kiddos

I get the same question about these kids from many families...."Does this child want to be adopted?" ALL of these kids expressed their desire to be adopted to Fei. There was only one child who said he didn't want to be adopted and he was too young to understand what it meant. As many of you know, having an older child who actually wants to be adopted can make a big difference in the adjustment process. These children all want and deserve loving families, so please help us find them if you're not the right fit. Not everyone can adopt an older child, but many families can and do so very happily. Please help us find those families!

Thank you for your dedication to these beautiful children.



Scotty was another cutie among cuties!!! Honestly, it was hard to keep the young boys separate in my mind at the beginning. But I sorted them out, and Scotty was full of curiosity about the new situation, and while he explored the room and the activities, he was also obedient and well behaved. He seemed energetic, but in the most positive sense. I’m not sure, but there may have been just a touch of mischief and adventure in his eyes. All good, in my opinion. He’s waiting for YOU.

No one is looking at Scotty's file. Please help us spread the word and find his family! They must be out there....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Families Found!

More good news to report--families have been found for Lucky in addition to Spring, Lily and Kacey!!!! We're thrilled for those families and the children who will come to join them and be part of the ASIA family:-) Congratulations! I'm also thrilled that 2 of the 5 children are boys, since it is always harder to find families for the boys. Thank you all for helping to spread the words and bring these families together!

These are my favorite posts to write and I hope we have many more in the coming weeks--there are still many children left in the program in need of families. If we can only find families for those children who are about to age out of the system....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Jane is going to be 12 at the end of this year. She, like the other children at the camp, was shy around us foreigners. But like several of the other older girls, she was so polite and pretty and gentle. In her interview she was friendly while respectful, saying that she has lots of friends. I have the feeling she’s obedient, because she acknowledges that she listens to adults. Jane was older when abandoned, and she appeared well adjusted and certainly warmly cared for by the nannies. Where is this lovely young lady’s family? If you feel drawn to Jane, please contact Marci. We want her to have a permanent and loving “forever family”. --Fei
Can you believe no one is looking at this darling girl's file? Contact Marci now to review it:

Monday, August 17, 2009


Skyler needs a home ASAP because he is already 13. He’s a cool kid who has lots of drawing skill. He actually drew two pictures, rather in the genre of comic books. He’s talented! And he also very much likes working on speaking English – speaking set phrases in a rather staccato, rapid fire style. He seemed so proud of himself when he used his English – it was quite endearing. Clearly, he would be a good natured kid that is motivated to succeed. I know there is a family out there for him – please call or write NOW – he needs you!

Shirley Again

Can you believe no one is looking at Shirley's file? These are Fei's impressions of Shirley:

One feeling I got from Shirley is she had put lots of stress on herself. She is old enough to understand this might be her only chance to meet people from US agency who might be able to find her a forever home. I don’t want to repeat everything I mentioned about Ruth on Shirley, but Shirley and Ruth have similar qualities. During the interview I found out Shirley’s best friend is also in the Hope Journey program with another agency.
I asked her, “what if she found a family, and you do not.”
“I will be very happy for her, and I will send her my best wishes.”
“What if you find a home, but she does not?”
“I will tell her don’t be upset, she will still have a chance.”
Shirley is anxiously waiting to hear the good news from you.

Friday, August 14, 2009


I LOVE Ruth! She is the good girl type; the one that will come to help you when she sees you carrying too many groceries; she is the one who will bring you a chair if you are standing there for a long time; she is the one that says “I will stay at home,” if you only have 3 movie tickets but 4 kids; she is the one that gets all “A’s” in the school; she is the one your neighbor comes up to you and says “I love your Ruth, she is such a wonderful child.”. And she could be your daughter!!

– Fei

No one is looking at Ruth's file--can you believe it? If you're interested in considering her, please email me right away:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Still in Need of Families for 26 Children!

Although I would like to bask in the glory of having families for 4 children, I'm in shock that no one is considering Jane, Beatrice or Shirley currently. These girls are all beautiful, confident girls that would enrich a family. Although they are older, they truly want families. Is there no one who would consider these girls? All of the Hope's Journey kids are wonderful and deserving of homes. It's always harder to place boys, and of course we have many of their files available as well. We have updated our website with additional photos for those of you who have qualified for the password. You will see what beautiful children they are! Please spread the word to help us find their families!
With Thanks,

Families Found!

Families have been found for at least 3 of the children in our Hope's Journey Program! Lily, Kacey and Spring have all found forever families who will pursue them! Congratulations to those families who have found their children and thank you to all for helping to bring them together. I especially want to send a big thank you to ASIA's special group of volunteers who help me advocate for these kiddos! If anyone would like to join that group, please feel free to contact me. Now let's keep up the good work and find the families that belong with the rest of those special children.
Marci Siegel-Kittrell
Director of Social Services, ASIA

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Misty was amazed by the microphone. When she got up to introduce herself via microphone she extremely enthusiastic. Later on, when I had the chance to see her in the interview room, she explained why she was so amazed on the stage.

“That thing is so powerful. When I talk, the voice is so loud. I didn’t even try to talk loud. I was wondering if my brother could hear me, so I tried to yell his name.”

I am so relieved after I heard that, because I couldn’t understand a word she was saying on the stage. The only thing we saw was the nanny trying to get her off the stage. She kept grabbing the microphone and didn’t want to leave.

I can tell she is a very outgoing and active child. When she saw my file that has her picture on it, she told me the guy sitting far behind was her foster older brother. He rode a bicycle to take her for the picture that day. He was sitting there waiting for her. Misty loves to have her picture taken. Whenever she gets chance she will pose for camera.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Lucky is the first boy I paid attention to right after I walked into the conference room. He is so precious, curled into his nanny’s arms and watching kids practice the dance. He looks so calm and relaxed. Anybody who sees him would open his/her arms to have this cuddling moment with him. I spent a good 15 minutes interviewing him, we had a great conversation. He answered every single question I had despite the fact that he was trying to figure out the helicopter toy in front of him. He understands Mandarin and speaks Mandarin. He told me he goes to kindergarten and he is in second class. He also told me he has three older sisters at home. I can tell that he enjoys having them around. Because when he mentions about his sisters, he has this glow on his face. His foster dad taught him how to write his name. I asked him what you would like to be when you grow up, he said “Chef!” What a smart boy! He already gets the idea that all women like man who can cook…
Check out his file, I am sure you would love to watch the video clip showing his singing talent!


Lucky's file is available for review. If you would like to consider this precious boy, please contact Marci:

Monday, August 10, 2009


Beatrice has short and trendy hair. She has flecks on her cheek. When she smiles (which she does a lot), her face glows. She told me her favorite story during the interview. It’s about how much a little crow loves her mama. She enjoys this story so much, and she wishes one day she could have her own mama and love her, just like this little crow. She likes to draw and read, and she wants to be a social worker when she grows up.
Could you be her family? Contact Marci for more information, pictures and video:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Michael, Clark, Hannah & John

Michael (9), Clark (13), Hannah (9) and John (9) were four kids from the Shenzhen SWI, but living in an interesting extended foster family situation. They live in something like a family compound – the foster family, the foster family’s parents, and an aunt and uncle. A total of 25 children are living in the three homes nearby. This reminds me of historical China, when a common housing style was a set of individual buildings set in a quadrangle around a courtyard. The children, living in this rather large extended family, appear to be thriving. They seemed well adjusted, joyful and very bonded to one another. While shy in the large group, they all willingly introduced themselves and performed their talent. Clark showed off his muscle building poses, Hannah sang a song, John did sports charades and Michael was a very convincing robot. When they were doing their art project, they all worked together and were so kind and gentle with one another. I was impressed with each and every one of them. Great kids that would bring joy to any family.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Kacey is one of my favorite boys. He is such a small boy with a HUGE personality. He understands both Mandarin and Cantonese. He gets along with everybody. If you meet him, you will never forget him. He is curious, funny, and SO sweet. His condition has improved a lot since he was placed into the foster home. His legs are much stronger now. He can walk, run and jump just like any other kid. The report stated back in December of 2008 that he couldn’t lift a 250ml milk box. Today he could lift a 500ml water bottle. By the time we finished the interview, he gave every woman a kiss. And I got two, one on each side. He is such a wonderful boy. --Fei

Kacey's file is currently available for review. Please spread the word and contact me if you would like the opportunity to consider him:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


The impression I had for Archie is, he is a very sensitive, curious and kind boy.
I asked him to “Tell me one thing you don’t like.”
“I don’t like my foster mom.”
“Because she hits me…” He said “And I hate people who hit others.”

He is a very good student at school. He approached me during the break, and tried to make conversation. He has very broad interests. He likes to draw and do crafts. His favorite sport is badminton. I asked him if he can beat me, he said “no, maybe not…” The tests he got 99 out of 100 and 98 out of 100 before the summer break. His favorite class is computer class. I asked him “what would you like to do when you grow up?” He said “I want to be a boss!”
I asked him “Do you know anybody that has been adopted?”
“Would you like to be adopted?”
“YES!!!” without a blink.
“What do you think about adoption?”
“I think it’s a happiest thing ever!”
I told him Americans like to hug people, and asked him how he feels about that. He said “I LOVE it!”
His favorite food is Ice cream. He hates garlic.
He really deserves a peaceful home with lots of hugs.


So Many Sweet Faces

I wish that CCAA would allow us to post the sweet and hopeful faces of these children all waiting for their forever families to find them. If you could see Skyler's gentle smile, I'm sure someone would be viewing his file. If you could see Archie's sweet nature, I'm sure someone would connect with him as well. If you could see the joy on Sherry's face as she dances the hula, I know someone would come forward for her. If you could see the beauty in Ruth's bliss as she forgets about her scar and dances her heart out, I know her family would find her. Felice is so serious, but when she smiles her beauty lights up the camera. If you could see Jillian's precious face and her sweet mischevious nature, you would jump for a chance to look at her file. All of these children know that we are doing our best to find them families. I just hope we can live up to their expectations and make their dream of a family come true. If you're out there and have any curiousity about these kiddos, please contact me:

Monday, August 3, 2009


I sensed that Ruth I was very humble and a bit intimidated by her facial scar; nevertheless, she impressed me so much with her warm smile and remarkable dignity. She had a lot of fun dancing the hula – a moment of relaxed, unselfconscious joy. I kept thinking, this young lady needs a loving family to help her understand that she is beautiful inside and out. I predict she will make a wonderful sibling – family where are you?? --Sandra