Monday, August 24, 2009

Files Available for Viewing!

There are currently many children's files available for viewing. I'm shocked that little Hannah in her minnie mouse dress does not have anyone looking at her file now that we finally have it. Beautiful 12 year old Jane who is so poised is also not currently being considered by anyone. Clarke, aka Muscle-Man, is also available for review. Quinn, Scotty, Lin, Nate, George, Jillian, Skyler, Julia, Ruth, Archie, Sherry and Beatrice all still need to find their families. These are all wonderful children who stole a piece of our hearts and it's up to us to find them families. If you're interested in any of them, please contact me now to view their files. If you could see their sweet faces, I just know you would jump at the chance!

Now while I have your attention, you may have noticed that Half The Sky is helping us advocate for Lucy. Lucy has an extremely serious heart condition and likely needs a transplant and a family to fight for her and get her the care she needs here in the U.S. If you know that family, please have them contact me. Thank you for following this journey.

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