Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Lucky is the first boy I paid attention to right after I walked into the conference room. He is so precious, curled into his nanny’s arms and watching kids practice the dance. He looks so calm and relaxed. Anybody who sees him would open his/her arms to have this cuddling moment with him. I spent a good 15 minutes interviewing him, we had a great conversation. He answered every single question I had despite the fact that he was trying to figure out the helicopter toy in front of him. He understands Mandarin and speaks Mandarin. He told me he goes to kindergarten and he is in second class. He also told me he has three older sisters at home. I can tell that he enjoys having them around. Because when he mentions about his sisters, he has this glow on his face. His foster dad taught him how to write his name. I asked him what you would like to be when you grow up, he said “Chef!” What a smart boy! He already gets the idea that all women like man who can cook…
Check out his file, I am sure you would love to watch the video clip showing his singing talent!


Lucky's file is available for review. If you would like to consider this precious boy, please contact Marci: marcisk@asiadopt.org

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