Tuesday, August 4, 2009


The impression I had for Archie is, he is a very sensitive, curious and kind boy.
I asked him to “Tell me one thing you don’t like.”
“I don’t like my foster mom.”
“Because she hits me…” He said “And I hate people who hit others.”

He is a very good student at school. He approached me during the break, and tried to make conversation. He has very broad interests. He likes to draw and do crafts. His favorite sport is badminton. I asked him if he can beat me, he said “no, maybe not…” The tests he got 99 out of 100 and 98 out of 100 before the summer break. His favorite class is computer class. I asked him “what would you like to do when you grow up?” He said “I want to be a boss!”
I asked him “Do you know anybody that has been adopted?”
“Would you like to be adopted?”
“YES!!!” without a blink.
“What do you think about adoption?”
“I think it’s a happiest thing ever!”
I told him Americans like to hug people, and asked him how he feels about that. He said “I LOVE it!”
His favorite food is Ice cream. He hates garlic.
He really deserves a peaceful home with lots of hugs.


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