Monday, August 17, 2009

Shirley Again

Can you believe no one is looking at Shirley's file? These are Fei's impressions of Shirley:

One feeling I got from Shirley is she had put lots of stress on herself. She is old enough to understand this might be her only chance to meet people from US agency who might be able to find her a forever home. I don’t want to repeat everything I mentioned about Ruth on Shirley, but Shirley and Ruth have similar qualities. During the interview I found out Shirley’s best friend is also in the Hope Journey program with another agency.
I asked her, “what if she found a family, and you do not.”
“I will be very happy for her, and I will send her my best wishes.”
“What if you find a home, but she does not?”
“I will tell her don’t be upset, she will still have a chance.”
Shirley is anxiously waiting to hear the good news from you.

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