Friday, August 31, 2012


Just in case you've come here looking for your little one, I wanted to update you on what files are available as of right now. NO ONE is looking at my adorable boy, Cade. If I could post his picture here, you would all jump for this adorable boy! Like Whitney, he is captivating and his special need seems so minor! Alas, he is Non Special Focus, so I cannot post his picture, but he is definitely worth mentioning. There is also another Non Special Focus boy, Colin, who is also adorable and has a minor need. So take a look at our lists and open your minds up to boys! They are precious, affectionate and spunky!

Whitney has a VERY long list of families waiting to see her file, so in all likelihood, one of those families will pursue her. It would knock my socks right off if that wasn't the case!

Leeann does not have anyone looking at her file, so if you even think you might want to consider her, or might be open to her, please contact me for her file!

June has one family considering her, but alas they are the only family who has requested her precious file. We didn't get many great pictures of her, but we do have some adorable video of her on our password protected waiting child list, so stop by and take a look! She really shines around music! You should see her sing and dance! It just wins your heart.

Brett also has a family considering him, one of only two who have asked for his file. He is such an adorable boy, please don't be scared away!

Now for the Hope Journey Kiddos: the only child whose file is being considered out of that group is Hallie. So that leaves Jenna, Mike, Karly, Casey, Dylan, Curt, Carter, Layla, Phillip, Dustin, Bradley and Judy. We have posted some adorable videos of them on our password protected website, so please stop by and take a look! If you need the password, just contact me:

Have a Happy Holiday Weekend!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Lidia Playing Chase with me

We thought we had a family for Lidia and were so excited, but unfortunately they were not able to continue with the adoption. While I was in Changsha, Lidia and I repeatedly played hide and seek and chase with my camera--she did not want her picture taken! However, I was able to get some good pictures of her when she wasn't paying attention. For a girl with a physical special need, it doesn't slow her down one bit! In fact, I had a bit of trouble keeping up with her and not dropping my camera equipment! She's quite a tease, giving a coy little smile and then taking off to hide:-) Lidia really tugged at my heart. She would then peek out of her hiding spot and wait for me to see her, then take off for somewhere else.  She is one of those kids who puts on a brave front, but you can tell that inside there is a heart that needs love and acceptance. Lidia has a kind heart--helping the children who are in wheelchairs to position themselves as part of the group. She has a girly side, but is a bit of a tomboy, loving to rough house with the best of them! Her biggest smile came when she found the pirate mask to put on and jaunt about as a pirate. Lidia has a few years before she ages out, but she does need a special family who is willing to work through her brave front to get at the sweet child beneath.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Lovely Leeann

We have heard from someone who visits Leeann's orphanage yearly about what a lovely girl she is. We did not get the opportunity to go to Leeann's orphanage when we were in Changsha, but we did communicate with the director there and she desperately wants to find families for the children in her care, including Leeann who we have our list now. Here is some information about Leeann from someone who knows her:

Sweet Leeann is a ball of energy. Every morning she would greet my team and I with a smiling face and run and give us a hug.  I noticed that she mostly wanted attention, like most children in an orphanage do. She attached to one of our team members quickly, and everyday you could see them playing together. She loved this particular team member SO much. Leeann does have a lot of energy, but she's not out of hand. She just loves to have fun. I noticed that she has calmed down A LOT within the last year. With attention and love, she calms down and pays attention. She thrives with attention. She wants a family SO badly. 

She can't use her left hand very well, but that does not stop her. Leeann can use her left arm, just not her hand. She can do anything a healthy child can do. 

One day, she snuck her way into the baby room to play with us. We spent some time putting bows on each other and laughing at one another. She doesn't like being very girly ;). She then went over to our team leader and the baby she was holding and played with the baby. Leeann was really good with her, and loved making the baby laugh. :)

Leeann is very smart and very funny. She loves doing crafts and anything hands-on. She is SUCH a happy girl. Any family would be lucky to have her in their family. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today I Got a Reminder

Today I sent out an email to check in with our old ASIA families since it had been a while. I got back some fun responses with updated pictures of kids who were adopted years and years ago, and some more recently. It was fun to see how much everyone is changing and how well they are doing. It reminded me that what you see in a referral picture, even if it's one that I have personally taken, is not what you get after the child has a chance to settle in and adjust to their new reality and life. So many of these kids just absolutely blossom and thrive with their new families! It may not be easy work to get there, but nothing worth doing is  :-) So as you look at these adorable kids, remember that! Then go take a look at our password protected waiting child list on our website:-)



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Kiddos

ASIA has received a lot of files lately, so it's hard to cover all of them. I highly recommend that you take a look at our password protected website to view our waiting child list if you haven't yet today or yesterday. Feel free to contact me for the new password if you have not received it yet.

Now to get down to business. Those of you who have been following this blog surely remember Whitney. I posted about her when we met her on our trip to Changsha. She is the adorable 5 year old girl we pictured here:

Need I say more? She miraculously is special focus, although her special need has been repaired and now she is amazing! We have her file, so check our website for more information.

We also have June, who you may remember from our trip? She's a shy little girl who didn't want to perform the first time we saw her, but by the second time she became more comfortable with us. She is a very sweet and sensitive little girl who is also doing well and is special focus.

We also have Brett who is adorable, has a special need that sounds scary, but can be explained fully and he is special focus! Don't let his stated special need scare you away! Contact me for more information about him! Isn't he adorable?

I wish I could post pictures here of my Cade boy, but he is Non-Special Focus, so I can't. A dossier is required for him. He's adorable, young and has a very minor special need. So far none of our dossiered families have stepped forward for him.

We also have another young boy, Colin, who has a minor special need and is 2 years old. Colin is happy, very capable and a fun boy who is non-special focus. Dossiered only families for him, please.

Please help pass on the word about these kiddos so they can find their forever families. These kids were so much fun! We had a blast playing with all of them and they each kept us on our toes:-)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Password Changed! Changsha Files Arrived!

Please note, ASIA's waiting child list password has been changed. We cannot release it to non-ASIA clients until tomorrow. At that time, we will send it to inquiries who filled out the pre-qualification form within the last 6 months or so.

The good news is ASIA received 5 adorable little kiddos from our Changsha program who are available for adoption for the first time! These are not kids who have been on the shared list. These are kids who each stole my heart in Changsha! Stay tuned for more about them tomorrow!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Cute Little Guys

Please meet Curt. Curt sounds just like one of the little guys with the same special need that we met at Bao an. That little boy was adopted and is doing wonderfully! Curt is very smart and learns quickly. He already knows quantities, can put beads on string, fold paper, speaks long sentences, learns all of the rhymes that his teachers teach to him and can dress and feed himself. His Half The Sky Teachers report he has a rich imagination and good observation and problem solving skills. Curt can go far in life! Are you the family to take him there?

Judy likes to sing and read and sometimes teaches the other children to recite poems. She is intelligent and easy going, studies hard and always finishes her homework.She gets along with others and is active and social. She hasn't been found to have any symptoms of her condition and seems to be pretty healthy. 

Carter is a happy, smiling, outgoing and active boy. He gets along with others quickly. He likes being hugged and kissed by the nannies he has developed a relationship with. He has high self esteem, but because he is in a limited environment, he is a bit behind his peers in his development.


Gideon is a funny, active and busy boy. He is a tease and laughed when Susan chased him. He is gregarious and full of curiosity. He likes music toys, playing games with adults, which he shows great interest in. 

We got these new cuties today--aren't they adorable?? Check them out on our website and stay tuned for more information!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Broken Hearted

Our hearts are aching today at ASIA for all of the kiddos from the shared list in our Hunan program that we were unable to place. Their files have gone back to the shared list, but they have not been removed from our hearts. Those kids whose eyes told the story of their dreams of having a family, who ached for affection and the love that only a Mom and/or Dad can provide. Those kids who just seemed like regular kids playing when we did our camp with them--why have they not found families? Yes, they do have special needs and yes they are older, but they still deserve and need a childhood and family. They still are just kids and their special needs do not prevail over their daily lives. In fact, when we were there we had to look up what their special needs were in many cases! So do me a favor--if one of these kids captures your heart, but you are scared of the special needs, take some time to research it. Go to No Hands But Ours website and read the family stories. Just maybe one of these children is the one you have been waiting for--take a chance! Adoption is a leap of faith!

We have failed these kids, but will not give up yet. Just because their files are on the shared list doesn't mean they have left our hearts or minds. We will continue to advocate for them and try to find them a family, along with those in our newest Hope Journey Program. Will you help? Can you share some information about these kids with your local community and friends? Check the interesting box if you will! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

From the Heart

We have 10 new cute kiddos from the latest Hope Journey Program that I encourage you to all check out. If you don't have the password to access our waiting children, feel free to contact me:

While I need to advocate for our new kiddos, my heart also pulls me back to advocate for the kids we met in Changsha who touched my heart and still don't have families. Lacey, Taryn, Lidia, Doug, Josiah and Finley still don't have families. These kids each have amazing potential and such sweet, generous spirits. These children would blossom with the love, stimulation and attention that a family provides. They deserve to be valued, treasured members of a family and society. Please don't judge them by their covers! I just know there has to be families out there for these little ones! If you're not the right fit, please help to let others know about them.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Meet Casey

Casey is a curious, inquisitive, polite 9 year old boy. He says hello proactively and asks a lot of questions. He went to kindergarten at 4 years old and could focus on class and listen to the teacher. He is good at learning and likes to play chase with his friends at school. His teachers say that he is very lovable and popular. He is always ready to help and is a hard working child. He had surgery to repair his special need in 2008 and has not had any issues with it since. At 4 years old he could put on and off his clothes by himself and knew the names of his body parts. He could jump, play, dance and sing along with the children’s songs on TV. He is adaptable, can care for his basic needs, he can make his bed and do chores. Now his daily life and education are the same as other children. Casey is waiting to find his forever family and share his enthusiasm with a family waiting to accept it. Could Casey by the right child for your family or one that you know? Casey was part of ASIA's newest Hope Journey Program and our China Director met him. For more information, contact me: 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Hope Journey Program Files Arrived!

Exciting news! We received 10 files of children from the newest Hope Journey Program and expect more to be coming, along with our Changsha files. Dylan and Karly are on our individual waiting child list now! Please see our website for more information about them. If you're interested in these children, please contact me right away. I'm still sorting through all of the information and files, but will post about more of the kids tomorrow, hopefully, so stay tuned! We have lots of children to feature!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Dylan stole Susan's heart when she asked him about his special need and he moved his arms like a strong man, showing her that it didn't effect him at all! She describes him as a handsome boy who is very nice. He is almost 9 years old and seems to be a bright boy who is kind and helpful with his younger foster brothers and sisters. He also helps around the house. Could Dylan be the sweet boy that you have been looking for? Dylan has been buried on the shared list. Please spread the word about him and help his dream of a forever family to come true.

Dylan is now on ASIA's Individual Waiting Child List!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Curious Karly

Yesterday our China Director met Karly briefly and she really made an impression on her. Karly is curious, Confident, kind and gentle. She knows some English, which you will hear in her video below:

Karly told Susan that she wants to be adopted and live in the U.S. She is in school and is able to write characters and draw pictures. She lives with a foster family and is helpful around the house. Susan thought Karly seemed like a girl with a lot of potential. Could she be the daughter that was meant for your family?

Karly is now on ASIA's Individual Waiting Child List!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Talented Timothy

Timothy seems to be one of the stars of the Hope Journey Program of yesterday. Susan says he is a confident boy who is good at answering questions and very curious. He is 7 years old and has long eye lashes and is very cute. Take a looksy for yourself:

If you think Timothy could be a good fit for your family, please contact me right away:

Happy Hope Journey!

Exciting News! Currently, ASIA's China Director, Susan Song, is in Guangzhou participating in a new Hope Journey-type program with CCCWA. Three Directors from CCCWA flew with Susan from Beijing to Guangzhou for this program. Susan, along with representatives from 7 other agencies are meeting with about 40 children each day for a total of over 200 children this week! The agencies are evaluating the kids together and then each agency will request some children for their individual waiting child list. Each agency will then have a month to try to place those kids. These kids are all already on the shared waiting child list, so their files will be available quickly. Here are some pictures from the first day of the program.

Susan is sending us pictures and video of these kids each day, so we will be featuring kids as we can. Enjoy! Stay tuned to see if your child may be among the featured children!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Lively Leeann

We did not meet Leeann on our recent trip to China, as she is at a different orphanage, but we do have a family who met her and she stole their heart. It also sounds like she has stolen her orphanage director's heart, as they got her file done and to us extremely fast! So please meet Leeann, a 7 year old girl in need of a family:

Leeann is clever, active and healthy. She likes to sing and dance and can cut with scissors and paste. She can take care of herself and learns in school very quickly. When visitors come to the institute, she introduces herself and performs her songs and dances very well. She can recite simple poems, do simple addition and subtraction and write some characters. She gets along with other children well and sometimes helps them with their chores in the dorm, such as putting their clothes away. Her favorite activity is playing on the playground. She is optimistic, active and clever. 

In my interactions with families, I often hear some thoughts that are actually very wise bits of information, that often don't occur to a family until they have a match. Those thoughts are often something like, "we never thought we would be comfortable with a child with this type of special need, but we surprised ourselves and are so excited to have found our child!" So I encourage each of you searching for a child to keep your minds open in your search process. Perhaps the child meant to be yours isn't a little girl, or perhaps the child is a bit older than you had thought, or maybe a special need you were not considering isn't so scary after some research. Make sure you keep your options open, as Dr. Seuss says: "...keep your eyes open, at least on one side."