Friday, August 3, 2012

Lively Leeann

We did not meet Leeann on our recent trip to China, as she is at a different orphanage, but we do have a family who met her and she stole their heart. It also sounds like she has stolen her orphanage director's heart, as they got her file done and to us extremely fast! So please meet Leeann, a 7 year old girl in need of a family:

Leeann is clever, active and healthy. She likes to sing and dance and can cut with scissors and paste. She can take care of herself and learns in school very quickly. When visitors come to the institute, she introduces herself and performs her songs and dances very well. She can recite simple poems, do simple addition and subtraction and write some characters. She gets along with other children well and sometimes helps them with their chores in the dorm, such as putting their clothes away. Her favorite activity is playing on the playground. She is optimistic, active and clever. 

In my interactions with families, I often hear some thoughts that are actually very wise bits of information, that often don't occur to a family until they have a match. Those thoughts are often something like, "we never thought we would be comfortable with a child with this type of special need, but we surprised ourselves and are so excited to have found our child!" So I encourage each of you searching for a child to keep your minds open in your search process. Perhaps the child meant to be yours isn't a little girl, or perhaps the child is a bit older than you had thought, or maybe a special need you were not considering isn't so scary after some research. Make sure you keep your options open, as Dr. Seuss says: "...keep your eyes open, at least on one side."


  1. Hi - you did not post what her special need is. Can you please post? thanks

  2. Please contact me privately if you would like to know her special needs: