Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Kiddos

ASIA has received a lot of files lately, so it's hard to cover all of them. I highly recommend that you take a look at our password protected website to view our waiting child list if you haven't yet today or yesterday. Feel free to contact me for the new password if you have not received it yet.

Now to get down to business. Those of you who have been following this blog surely remember Whitney. I posted about her when we met her on our trip to Changsha. She is the adorable 5 year old girl we pictured here:

Need I say more? She miraculously is special focus, although her special need has been repaired and now she is amazing! We have her file, so check our website for more information.

We also have June, who you may remember from our trip? She's a shy little girl who didn't want to perform the first time we saw her, but by the second time she became more comfortable with us. She is a very sweet and sensitive little girl who is also doing well and is special focus.

We also have Brett who is adorable, has a special need that sounds scary, but can be explained fully and he is special focus! Don't let his stated special need scare you away! Contact me for more information about him! Isn't he adorable?

I wish I could post pictures here of my Cade boy, but he is Non-Special Focus, so I can't. A dossier is required for him. He's adorable, young and has a very minor special need. So far none of our dossiered families have stepped forward for him.

We also have another young boy, Colin, who has a minor special need and is 2 years old. Colin is happy, very capable and a fun boy who is non-special focus. Dossiered only families for him, please.

Please help pass on the word about these kiddos so they can find their forever families. These kids were so much fun! We had a blast playing with all of them and they each kept us on our toes:-)

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