Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Meet Casey

Casey is a curious, inquisitive, polite 9 year old boy. He says hello proactively and asks a lot of questions. He went to kindergarten at 4 years old and could focus on class and listen to the teacher. He is good at learning and likes to play chase with his friends at school. His teachers say that he is very lovable and popular. He is always ready to help and is a hard working child. He had surgery to repair his special need in 2008 and has not had any issues with it since. At 4 years old he could put on and off his clothes by himself and knew the names of his body parts. He could jump, play, dance and sing along with the children’s songs on TV. He is adaptable, can care for his basic needs, he can make his bed and do chores. Now his daily life and education are the same as other children. Casey is waiting to find his forever family and share his enthusiasm with a family waiting to accept it. Could Casey by the right child for your family or one that you know? Casey was part of ASIA's newest Hope Journey Program and our China Director met him. For more information, contact me: 

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