Friday, August 31, 2012


Just in case you've come here looking for your little one, I wanted to update you on what files are available as of right now. NO ONE is looking at my adorable boy, Cade. If I could post his picture here, you would all jump for this adorable boy! Like Whitney, he is captivating and his special need seems so minor! Alas, he is Non Special Focus, so I cannot post his picture, but he is definitely worth mentioning. There is also another Non Special Focus boy, Colin, who is also adorable and has a minor need. So take a look at our lists and open your minds up to boys! They are precious, affectionate and spunky!

Whitney has a VERY long list of families waiting to see her file, so in all likelihood, one of those families will pursue her. It would knock my socks right off if that wasn't the case!

Leeann does not have anyone looking at her file, so if you even think you might want to consider her, or might be open to her, please contact me for her file!

June has one family considering her, but alas they are the only family who has requested her precious file. We didn't get many great pictures of her, but we do have some adorable video of her on our password protected waiting child list, so stop by and take a look! She really shines around music! You should see her sing and dance! It just wins your heart.

Brett also has a family considering him, one of only two who have asked for his file. He is such an adorable boy, please don't be scared away!

Now for the Hope Journey Kiddos: the only child whose file is being considered out of that group is Hallie. So that leaves Jenna, Mike, Karly, Casey, Dylan, Curt, Carter, Layla, Phillip, Dustin, Bradley and Judy. We have posted some adorable videos of them on our password protected website, so please stop by and take a look! If you need the password, just contact me:

Have a Happy Holiday Weekend!

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  1. Ahhh! Cade and Colin are such cuties! The other children look so sweet as well. I hope they all find families. As a family that has 4 boys and is looking forward to adopting another I can vouch for the sweetness of having a little boy around. Thank you for posting the information about which files have been requested. It is indeed striking to see how much easier it is for girls to find a family then for boys to find a family.