Monday, August 20, 2012

Cute Little Guys

Please meet Curt. Curt sounds just like one of the little guys with the same special need that we met at Bao an. That little boy was adopted and is doing wonderfully! Curt is very smart and learns quickly. He already knows quantities, can put beads on string, fold paper, speaks long sentences, learns all of the rhymes that his teachers teach to him and can dress and feed himself. His Half The Sky Teachers report he has a rich imagination and good observation and problem solving skills. Curt can go far in life! Are you the family to take him there?

Judy likes to sing and read and sometimes teaches the other children to recite poems. She is intelligent and easy going, studies hard and always finishes her homework.She gets along with others and is active and social. She hasn't been found to have any symptoms of her condition and seems to be pretty healthy. 

Carter is a happy, smiling, outgoing and active boy. He gets along with others quickly. He likes being hugged and kissed by the nannies he has developed a relationship with. He has high self esteem, but because he is in a limited environment, he is a bit behind his peers in his development.


Gideon is a funny, active and busy boy. He is a tease and laughed when Susan chased him. He is gregarious and full of curiosity. He likes music toys, playing games with adults, which he shows great interest in. 

We got these new cuties today--aren't they adorable?? Check them out on our website and stay tuned for more information!

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