Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Lidia Playing Chase with me

We thought we had a family for Lidia and were so excited, but unfortunately they were not able to continue with the adoption. While I was in Changsha, Lidia and I repeatedly played hide and seek and chase with my camera--she did not want her picture taken! However, I was able to get some good pictures of her when she wasn't paying attention. For a girl with a physical special need, it doesn't slow her down one bit! In fact, I had a bit of trouble keeping up with her and not dropping my camera equipment! She's quite a tease, giving a coy little smile and then taking off to hide:-) Lidia really tugged at my heart. She would then peek out of her hiding spot and wait for me to see her, then take off for somewhere else.  She is one of those kids who puts on a brave front, but you can tell that inside there is a heart that needs love and acceptance. Lidia has a kind heart--helping the children who are in wheelchairs to position themselves as part of the group. She has a girly side, but is a bit of a tomboy, loving to rough house with the best of them! Her biggest smile came when she found the pirate mask to put on and jaunt about as a pirate. Lidia has a few years before she ages out, but she does need a special family who is willing to work through her brave front to get at the sweet child beneath.

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