Monday, August 27, 2012

Lovely Leeann

We have heard from someone who visits Leeann's orphanage yearly about what a lovely girl she is. We did not get the opportunity to go to Leeann's orphanage when we were in Changsha, but we did communicate with the director there and she desperately wants to find families for the children in her care, including Leeann who we have our list now. Here is some information about Leeann from someone who knows her:

Sweet Leeann is a ball of energy. Every morning she would greet my team and I with a smiling face and run and give us a hug.  I noticed that she mostly wanted attention, like most children in an orphanage do. She attached to one of our team members quickly, and everyday you could see them playing together. She loved this particular team member SO much. Leeann does have a lot of energy, but she's not out of hand. She just loves to have fun. I noticed that she has calmed down A LOT within the last year. With attention and love, she calms down and pays attention. She thrives with attention. She wants a family SO badly. 

She can't use her left hand very well, but that does not stop her. Leeann can use her left arm, just not her hand. She can do anything a healthy child can do. 

One day, she snuck her way into the baby room to play with us. We spent some time putting bows on each other and laughing at one another. She doesn't like being very girly ;). She then went over to our team leader and the baby she was holding and played with the baby. Leeann was really good with her, and loved making the baby laugh. :)

Leeann is very smart and very funny. She loves doing crafts and anything hands-on. She is SUCH a happy girl. Any family would be lucky to have her in their family. 

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