Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh, Those Cute Little Faces!

Our China Director is currently visiting Changsha #1 Social Welfare Institute, where we are starting our newest partnership program with the orphanage. She has been sending us the cutest pictures of the children there! Those of you who have just applied or are applying to ASIA are in for a treat once we get those files! Time to get those dossiers done to be eligible for these cuties.

We are still hoping that an Occupational Therapist or someone with expertise in developmental psychology will materialize and want to join us on our trip:-) So if you're interested, please contact me:
We do have a pretty great team going already, but that would really make it special!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Now Recruiting Families for Changsha #1

Extra! Extra! Calling All Families! ASIA is now recruiting families to get started now with ASIA to be eligible for our next Brighter Futures program with Changsha #1 Social Welfare Institute in Hunan Province! If you wish to be eligible for the Non-Special Focus children we will have available, you will need to start your dossier process now! If you take a look at our current Brighter Futures Program waiting children (most are only posted on our password-protected website), a great number of those kids are Non-Special Focus, which means they are only available to families who have dossiers logged in with China. So if you're hoping for a young child with minor special needs or an older or Special Focus child, I would encourage you to get started on your process with ASIA now. You can find the application on our website here: ASIA Application

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Can You See The Children?

When we post pictures and short summaries of children in a waiting child list format, it is sometimes hard to see the child beyond the special need. But when I have gone to visit these children in person, I don't see their special needs so much. I just see their adorable faces and unique personalities that could just blossom in a family. I see their potential, not their limitations. Sometimes I think that rather than posting what the special need is, we should post their strengths. Most of these kids are amazing survivors, determined little rascals with so much potential and so much character. A good example of this is Shane. In the full pictures, if you haven't met him, it may be hard to miss his special need. However, in person Shane's strength, determination and his captivating personality shine through past any physical need. His special need doesn't seem to limit him much and he is such a tease and the word sprite or imp seems to embody his personality perfectly. He burned an image and a place in my mind and heart that I will not forget. Yet few people have chosen to even have a look at his file. Why?