Friday, August 17, 2012

Broken Hearted

Our hearts are aching today at ASIA for all of the kiddos from the shared list in our Hunan program that we were unable to place. Their files have gone back to the shared list, but they have not been removed from our hearts. Those kids whose eyes told the story of their dreams of having a family, who ached for affection and the love that only a Mom and/or Dad can provide. Those kids who just seemed like regular kids playing when we did our camp with them--why have they not found families? Yes, they do have special needs and yes they are older, but they still deserve and need a childhood and family. They still are just kids and their special needs do not prevail over their daily lives. In fact, when we were there we had to look up what their special needs were in many cases! So do me a favor--if one of these kids captures your heart, but you are scared of the special needs, take some time to research it. Go to No Hands But Ours website and read the family stories. Just maybe one of these children is the one you have been waiting for--take a chance! Adoption is a leap of faith!

We have failed these kids, but will not give up yet. Just because their files are on the shared list doesn't mean they have left our hearts or minds. We will continue to advocate for them and try to find them a family, along with those in our newest Hope Journey Program. Will you help? Can you share some information about these kids with your local community and friends? Check the interesting box if you will! 

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