Friday, August 21, 2009


Three of our younger boys need to have more families looking at their files. They are Nate, age 5; Lin, age 6; and Quinn, age 5. I must admit that having raised a son, I’m partial to boys. And when six little guys all about the same age, came bounding into the large, decorated hall looking all agog, my heart skipped a beat – maybe two beats. Darn, if they weren’t all adorable and curious and full of that little boy energy that I so enjoyed when my son was little. The boys seemed to hang out mostly in pairs, or as a gaggle of geese – sticking close together!

Nate has a beautiful smile and charm to go with it. I loved his drawing of a fish; it was colorful and balanced. I felt that his picture said a lot about his personality – sunny and warm. His special need is hip displasia and he seemed little bothered by it – he moved around Just Fine! I noticed that Nate and others with a physical limitation seemed to have no sense of being different or coddled by others.

Lin, who is deaf, is also a beautiful little boy. He was definitely the most introverted of the six youngsters, but that seems reasonable due to his inability to hear. He stayed pretty close to his nanny. His drawing is also interesting in that it is linear and ordered – perhaps like his universe – or is there something else he wanted to communicate? I would love to know what meaning he has conveyed in the drawing.

Quinn, yes, another cutie, was full of energy – but not so much as to be annoying (ok, I admit I’m getting old). His special need is chronic conjunctivitis, and I didn’t notice any inflammation on our day together. He had a lot of fun playing with one of the inflatable parrots – part of our Hawaiian theme and he and Scotty hung out a lot. Quinn’s drawing is a fun one – it could be a caterpillar, or a pig or a monster. We need him to tell us!

Think about any one of these boys – yes, they face some challenges, but they all seemed well adjusted and otherwise healthy. Help us bring them all “home”.

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