Friday, August 21, 2009

Adopting Older Children

During our visit to China for Hope’s Journey, in addition to spending a day with the children and staff, I had the opportunity to meet two ASIA families in Guangzhou with their newly adopted son and daughter. These were older children – ages 11 and 12. These two youngsters were among the fortunate and their new families felt even more fortunate to add these cool kids to their families. It makes me think of how much all the older kids from Hope’s Journey need a family too. Our oldest kids waiting for families are Clarke, Julia, Gina, Sherry, Skyler and George – all 13; followed by Jane who is 12; Gregory, Ruth and Archie – all 11. Every one of these children seemed motivated and enthusiastic. Sure some were shy, but we only had one day to be together. Julia seemed to be a jaunty sporty girl, while Gina and Sherry seemed more “girlie girls”. They all loved having their pictures taken and had an easy and relaxed way with one another. Clarke was especially outgoing and mature, while Gregory was quiet and shy. I can’t help wondering how their personalities will emerge with a family to call their own. Seeing the difference between the kids in Hope’s Journey compared to the two kids with new families, it was easy to see the new adoptees joy in their new life. Help us make that happen for our Hope’s Journey’s kids – particularly the older ones that are running out of time for a family.

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