Friday, December 23, 2011

Magic of the Holidays

All around the world people celebrate different things this time of year, but no matter what you celebrate, we wish you peace, health and happiness!

This time of year people seem to think of others more than any other time of year. Passions lie in different areas, but here at ASIA, we have a passion for finding children families. Sometimes a child just touches your heart, and that has happened to all of us at ASIA, at one or many times. We would like to help all of the children of the world, but we're taking it one child at a time. If you would like to join our mission and help one child at a time to find the unconditional love of family, please consider sending your year end contribution to ASIA's Gift of Family Fund. It helps to make adoptions possible for children and families that otherwise might not be able to be united. It has already changed several lives and we hope to be able to continue its magic in the coming year. If a monetary gift is not possible, we welcome volunteers to help us spread the word about waiting children to help unite them with their forever families. Give the Gift of Family this year. There is nothing more important.  Enjoy your family this holiday season! Happy Holidays!

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