Monday, December 5, 2011

Cute and Pudgy Simon

Simon is a happy, silly, roly poly little guy. He's so cute and pudgy, his little cheeks just draw you in, don't they? Simon is a smiley and cuddly 3 year old boy. He just aged out of the Half The Sky room at the orphanage. He is not possessive, follows instructions well and shares well with other children (great brother, here!). While they were playing, our OT and Simon bonked heads. Simon cried and went to his nanny for comfort and then went back to the OT, crying loudly, as if to say: "I'm mad at you, that was mean!" So cute! Way to stick up for yourself, little guy!

We all know that boys are very hard to place, so if you know anyone who would consider him, please send them the blog link or have them contact me:
Let's find Simon's family!

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