Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sweet Seely

 You may have seen sweet Seely in pictures I posted shortly after our trip to meet these kids. Doesn't his sweet smile just melt your heart?

Seely is a very sweet boy who is helpful and playful with younger children. As you can see in the picture, he showed us this side of him as he played with another child pretending to eat her treat and then giving it back several times. What a cutie! Seely was nearly 2 1/2 years old while we were there and he was already making two word phrases and was very verbal. His nannies said that he learns quickly and would learn whatever they were able to teach him. He is a curious, inquisitive and friendly little boy. He gave Fei a kiss on the cheek when she asked:-) I think he was showing off a bit, as he showed us how he could climb into the cubbies and back out. His special need doesn't limit him very much. He asked hat the nannies put on some music so he could dance and he did a little jig! It was so cute! Seely would make a great addition to any family. He would be a warm, cuddly and affectionate little boy who is also smart and great with younger children. Although he does have a streak of jealousy when he sees his favorite nanny holiding someone else (a good sign for attachment at this point!). Seely's file is currently available. Contact me if you would like to consider him:

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