Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Dream for Yuna

When I first met Yuna, I wasn't sure we could find a family for her. She was in a room with children who were physically handicapped and there were no toys or any form of stimulation in there. She was playing with a tupperware container--licking it, hanging upside down, climbing on the railing, anything to provide herself with the stimulation she wasn't getting from her environment. My heart went out to her, but I thought to myself, I just don't know if we can find a family for a child who looks like she could be autistic....

Then I saw Yuna in her Half The Sky classroom--WOW!!! What a difference! She made eye contact with her teacher, she participated in activities, and she attemped to communicate her wants and needs. She even sat in her teacher's lap without any fuss. This gave me hope for Yuna and I thought perhaps we can find her a family after all. I think this child has potential. If given the stimulation she doesn't get in her room at the orphanage, and a loving family to work with her, I think she would make incredible progress! Can't you see the happy child inside this girl who is just itching to get out? She needs someone to open up her world with language and help her experience all of the firsts that she hasn't had the opportunity to experience yet. Wouldn't it be amazing to watch her face light up at seeing Christmas lights for the first time? Or taking her swimming? Or any of the other activities you would introduce a baby or toddler to for the first time? I gave her a set of markers and some paper that I had and it was like seeing a starving child eat. She was so interested in figuring out how those markers work!

I think that the right family could help Yuna blossom. Could you be that family? Do you know anyone who could? Please pass on Yuna's information to anyone you can think of. I know it won't be easy to find her a family, but I believe Yuna has potential and her family must be out there!  Please contact me for more information about Yuna--her file is available: 

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