Friday, December 2, 2011


Jason is the boy who made our hearts melt the moment we met him. He is a sweet boy who is in desperate need of a family who can get him the surgery he needs, which no one will do in China. His adoption must be expedited and his only hope is if we find him a family. But Jason is more than just a special need:

 Look at this playful little tike:-) Even though he has very low energy, he is still a tease in his own right! Jason has been moved from the orphanage to foster care because they think that he is unadoptable, but I know different! I've witnessed families doing amazing things for these kids before and I just know there is a family that would love to have Jason as a part of it!

Don't his eyes captivate you? He is a beautiful baby! He is only 1 year old and now is the time to get him the surgery he needs. He is a happy boy, despite his condition and there is no doubt that he would bring his happy smile, cuddles and love to the right family. Jason loves to be cuddled by his nannies and entertains both himself and his nannies with his attempts at blowing raspberries. Could you be the family that is the recipient of his good humor and sweet cuddles? Please contact me:

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