Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Waiting Children Going Back!!!!

A group of our waiting children's files will be going back next week if they don't find families! Please help us get the word out about these kids! A bunch of these kids are older kids with grants, which are only obtainable through ASIA. These kids are Foster, Heath, Darien, Leroy, Corey and Scott! These boys are all aging out soon and we're they're last chance--please help them!

Janelle is another of those kids whose file may go back! She is a wonderful 12 year old girl who I thought would be placed right away! I guess we have not yet found her family, which is hard to believe. The twins will be going back as well as Greta. It seems hard to believe that none of these children have families yet. We have a week left to try--please help me get the word out about these great kids! And if you know of someone I can post that I haven't, please let me know!


  1. Came across your site heading to China next month. Am an adoptive mom also who loves seeing young ones united with their forever families. Just became your newest follower. ~ jen