Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Scary stories, folks in costume, spooky sounds and trick or treating! I love taking my child to the pumpking patch and seeing her reactions to all of the fun Halloween activities and letting her pick out the perfect pumpkin. The air is just starting to turn crisp in this neck of the woods and the leaves are just starting to fall. It's getting darker earlier and the gloom of winter is upon us, yet we have holidays to celebrate!

My favorite holiday of all time--moowahhahahaha!!! Although my heart is sad because I've just heard that Halloween has been cancelled in some parts of the country due to the storms and power outages! Poor kiddos! Maybe they can make the best of it and tell scary stories and have candy or s'mores.

Halloween is a great time for kids and for families! There is nothing better than seeing your child dress up and be absolutely whoever or whatever they want to be for a night! Let their imaginations go crazy and then they get to enjoy themselves as whatever creature they have decided to be. It's a great time to have BOYS, as they're not scared of the spookiness of Halloween--the spiders, the ghosts, the ghoulish faces walking around the streets, saying "Trick or Treat!" How I wish we could grant each of our waiting children the greatest gift, and give them forever families to share their life experiences with, and to have that unconditional love that allows children to venture forth on nights like Halloween, knowing they have a safe home and family to return to at the end.

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