Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beautiful, Thriving Jaci

Little 20 month old Jaci is still waiting for a family to come forward for her. All reports from her orphanage say that her condition is mild. She had a repair already and it was successful. Lots of folks have reviewed her file, but they have all said no. There must be someone out there meant to be Jaci's family! There must be a family for this adorable little pudgeball:-) Just imagine some cute little pigtails on this toddler--irresistable! You don't have to have a completed dossier for this one, just contact me if you could imagine this child as yours. I've known children with similar conditions to hers and they are thriving, smart athletes. Take the leap of faith and come forward to at least consider Jaci! She has waited too long already!


  1. What is her SN? We have been matched with a handsome toddler boy with another agency, but are planning to return for a special focus little girl shortly after our return home. She is beautiful!

  2. What is her condition?