Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy News, Sad News and the like

It has been a while since I have reported happy news for kiddos as well as reporting on who is still waiting. My happiest news to report is that Jason will be coming home to his family next month! He needs lots of folks to keep him in your thoughts and/or prayers so that he makes the trip safely and smoothly. The ASIA staff is very confident that Jason is and will be in good hands.

For more happy news, following are all of the kiddos that have families pursuing them: Tacy, Shaylee, Josh, Jasmyn, Penny, Jeb and Jocelyn! We are thrilled for those children and their future families!

 See what I can do?
 I'm not trying to escape, really!
 Where is my family?
 Here, I'll share this with you if you'll be mine:
 Yummy...I like you!
 There's more to me than meets the eyes.
 Is my family out there?
 I can learn to use the phone!
 I may be an older boy, but I still have dimples!
Surely a family out there wants my pinchable cheeks!
Now for the not so happy news...the news that I hope you will help me to change. Following are the children who still wait: Joyous Jaci, Sneaky Shane, Earnest Evan, Hilarious Hogan, Smiley Sherman, Shy Simon, Silly Seely, Cute Caroline, Brave Balin, Rowdy Rayna, Leader Lewis, Yearning Yuna as well as the new little babies Landon, Zoe, Lorelai, Faith, Hardy, Jessie, Ricky, Bryan, BJ and Dylan. Some of these kiddos I believe will find families once some of our families finish their dossiers. However, for the rest of these kiddos, they need some help. Please share this post with others and help these kids to connect their red thread to the family that is meant to be theirs.

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  1. I would LOVE Seely, it's just not in the budget right now.