Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Day For Good News!!!!

This is always my favorite kind of post to submit:-) We have found families for more children! We have now found families for 11 of the children. New to the list of children that will have happy families are Felice, Ruth, Archie and Beatrice! It is likely we will have a few more to report soon as well. Congratulations to all of the families who have found their new additions! The following children will have families:


Our goal is of course to place 100% of the children, so let's keep that good energy going and continue to work to find families for the rest of these deserving children! When I think about these children wanting families so badly and waiting, hopeful, to hear that they will have a family, it makes my heart ache. We have found families for this many children...I'm sure we can find the rest, too:-) Thank you for all of your work and contributions toward changing the lives of these 30 children.

ASIA is currently working hard to put together a presentation for families interested in advocating for these children to use in their communities. Hopefully we will be able to make it available to anyone interested upon its completion.

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