Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Power of Many

We have received such a wealth of volunteers who have heard about our special needs children in need and helped to spread the word about them far and wide. We dub you ASIA's Ambassadors and we thank you for your efforts! There is no doubt that with our combined efforts, we will be able to find these children the families they so deserve. So often we hear from families who would be glad to adopt one of the children if it weren't for the obstacle of coming up with so many fees in such a short time. While ASIA always does what we can to help, our funds are limited and this is where we can also use your help. If your heart is with these children, yet you can't help by adoption, please feel free to donate to our Special Needs Adoption Fund. With the ability to help more families, we will be able to bring more children home. There are many ways you can be an Ambassador for these children!

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