Thursday, December 17, 2009


Our time is running out to try to place these special children. Many of you may have noticed that we received a new list of 10 additional waiting children that are designated for ASIA. This list includes 12 year old twin boys that I just have to mention here. Boys are always harder to place, but twin boys that are close to aging out will be even more difficult. They sound so sweet--one wants to be a police officer and one a doctor because of the positive expeirences they have had with those helping professionals. New lists always bring new attention, and I hope this one will continue to bring attention to those waiting children whom we have not found families for yet.

Children still waiting in the HOpe Journey Program include Jillian, George, Gregory, Scotty, Quinn, Penelope, John, Lin and Nate. It's a possibility that Sherry may have found a home with another agency:-) Meanwhile these little faces continue to stare back at me from the screen.....if their families are out there, please come forward soon!



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