Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The holidays bring to many a feeling of gratitude. I certainly felt that as I sat at the Thanksgiving table this holiday. It's hard not to want to take all of these waiting children home, yet I know that would not be best for them. What I did feel thankful for is all of the incredible families we have found so far who truly do want to bring these children into their homes and families. These families are willing to work their tails off to to bring these children home as quickly as possible. They are engaged in the education process, as they know having that knowledge will make the difference for their family and their new child when he or she comes home. I am so impressed with each interaction I have with these families. They come from far and wide and yet each have a true heart for these children. We have found families like this for 20 of the children and I have sent out the files of at least 5 other children. I can't help but keep my fingers crossed that these are matches meant to be....if there are more families out there hesitating to take this step, please feel free to contact me about your hesitation. Adoption is an incredible leap of faith and I'm always truly amazed and inspired by all of those I meet on this journey.

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