Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What is Family?





The importance of family really hit me this holiday season as I experienced a tremendous amount of pain from a herniated disk in my neck. I was unable to care for my daughter and was very limited in what I could do for myself. My husband took care of both me and my daughter and my mom flew up from out of state at a moment's notice to help me through the surgery. It's so humbling to be so helpless and yet have so many caring people wishing me well and willing to help if I need anything. That made me think of George and Gregory who may never have that feeling. They may never know what it's like to have family come to your aid whenever you need it, no matter what. It saddens me to think of any child that will not know that kind of love or security. How scary would it be to step out into the world without a safety net to fall back on? There are so many older children in China that are so close to losing that opportunity to experience unconditional love. I've said this many times and I'll say it again, older child adoption is not for everyone, but if you think you may be a family who could open their hearts and home to an older child, or you know a family with that capacity, please have them contact me to find out more. We have several older children on our current waiting child lists, including sweet twin 12 year old boys. At least they will always have each other, but George and Gregory may not have anyone. Please become a follower of our blog and encourage anyone you know who is interested in waiting children to do so as well to help find these children forever families. You can find the follower gadget on the lower left hand side of our blog. Thank you for caring about the waiting children of the world. It is people like you who make the difference for these children. Above is a reminder of who still needs a family in the Hope Journey program:

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