Thursday, November 4, 2010

Files Extended!!!!!!!!!!

I am thrilled to report, especially during National Adoption Awareness Month, that ASIA has been granted an extension on the amount of time we have to place these Hope Journey children!!!! We have all of their files and will be continuing to advocate for them to try to find each and every child a loving family. Meanwhile, we also continue our Santa Stops in China campaign in order to give them a wonderful Christmas before their families can get there to celebrate with them.
I've had touching emails from families posting about particular children that have touched their heart on their blogs--thank you! Please continue to post, talk, and spread the word about these kids anywhere and everywhere you can think of. Take any of my blog posts and spread them around. These children deserve families and I'm going to keep working until we find them! Read the post in honor of National Adoption Awareness Month on this blog and see if that could be your family or one you know? Julia was a child completely meant for that family, as they were the very first family to look at her file! We have many children who who are meant for a family that has not found them yet. Are you the family they are waiting for? CJ, Edward, Gene, Harold, Heather, Thomas, Henry, Bo, Peter, Warner, Fabian and Parker may all have a similar story--maybe they are just waiting for you? for more information


  1. Wish I could sneak another sweetie pie home - both my kiddos are wanting a brother in addition to a new sister!! Sweetie Pie Kiddos!!