Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Let's Start with Victories

Let's start today off good with our victories for these children! We have families for Jimmy, Joel, Anna, Chrissy, Mark, Clive, Quentin, Dani, Lily, Jack, Sam, Chance and Wade! Let's celebrate for these kids! Especially for Shelby, who is already home with her family!

We have also raised $350 for the Santa Stops in China program so far, which is not too shabby :-) I believe there is a bit more coming, as reported from families. These are both victories to be celebrated! Especially the families that have found their children! Their lives will be changed forever in immeasurable ways.

Now lets talk about those kids that don't have families yet. I hear stories of older boys, especially, who dreamed of a family and then aged out of the possibility. These boys are smart and engaging with unlimited potential, but lost their dream of a family. I've met the kids I'm advocating for here. These kids also have that kind of potential. They just need a family to commit to them and help them reach it! As an orphan in China, they won't have much opportunity. They are considered bad luck. No child should be considered bad luck! Each child should be treasured for who they are! Each child has the potential to change the lives of their family members in positive ways! They will teach you a thing or two:-)

Let's take Harley for instance: he is such a sweet boy who has led a difficult life because he attempted to integrate into public school and was teased. We all know what it's like to be treated unfairly by others, but then to have no one to come home to and share the pain with, to comfort you, or help you through it--now that is truly unfair! Surely someone would like a sweet, sensitive boy to be part of their family?

Let's take Shawn: he has a special need that may never effect him in his life, or it could--it's hard to say. Up until now, he has been a healthy, intelligent, scruptious little boy! Everyone loves him. He has a slightly increased chance of something changing his life and he will need help and support through that. That's something a family could give him. Any child, biological or adopted, healthy or special needs faces the risk of life--that something could happen and change their life forever. No one wants to think about those things, or much less experience them, but it happens.

I know that many of you are reaching out and trying to help these children any way that you can. I've heard from families who have heard from you--so thank you for trying to help! Each of your attempts could be the very key to changing that child's life. That's what we need to do--change each child's life one at a time.

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  1. We will be donating to the Christmas fund next Friday when my husband gets his pay check. Praying for families for all of the children still waiting.