Thursday, August 25, 2011

Girl Turning 14 in October Needs a Family Quick!

This girl is turning 14 in October and really needs a family that is already DTC and could travel soon! She is described by someone who knows her well as sweet, gentle with younger children, always willing to help and never a discipline problem. She is very responsible and it is easy to make her laugh. The person who knows her said: "Of all of the older children we work with, she is the most responsible and trustworthy. This little girl comes to our house to play all the time.  She is best friends with my little girl.  She is wonderful.  She limps because of her arthritis.  She's very short, has a chubby face, and freckled.  Her smile lights up the whole room.  She is quiet and responsible.  She helps out in with the babies and younger children." She has adults to whom she is close. She would be a blessing to a family ready to travel before October. This is urgent! Can you help find her family?

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