Thursday, August 11, 2011

We Need You!

 Everyone is excited for the files to come from Baotou, including the ASIA staff! While we're waiting, I do have to mention the other kids who endlessly wait for their forever families. Heath and Foster are 2 boys aging out before the end of the year and they both basically have $10,000 grants for their adoptions! With the tax credit, that adoption wouldn't cost much at all (not that cost should be a deciding factor, but it helps)! We need families for them that either have dossiers submitted already or are willing to work at warp speed and advocate to move government officials a long. These guys deserve someone like that! Just look at them!

Skippy is another boy with a grant. This grant comes from ASIA's Gift of Family Fund that some of you have contributed to....we're still trying to grow the fund, but in the meantime we are offering a small grant of $1500 to try to help Skippy get adopted. The picture you see above was the first moment we walked into the orphanage. He was the first child we saw and he was all smiles. The second I saw him, I thought "Skippy." He's so sweet and gentle, kind and tolerant of the other kids. Of course, he is a boy and he does like his super heroes! Wouldn't it be fun to teach him to swim for the first time? Or to fish, or ride a bike or even to say "I love you?"

We're expecting the younger children's files to come first, but these older guys need families, too! Could you be the family for one of them? Do you know someone who could? Contact me:

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