Monday, July 16, 2012

Boys, Boys, Boys! And Adorable Andy

You may have noticed that we keep posting about adorable boys that we met on our trip last month. There are always more waiting boys available than girls...many more! I always get comments or checks in the interesting box when I post about girls, but when I post about boys, it remains silent. This has long been a problem faced by adoption agencies, and no one that I know has come up with a solution. Well, I haven't either, but I keep posting about boys with the hope that one of these descriptions or pictures will capture someone's heart and another boy will find a family.

The next boy I have to write about is named Andy. Andy is a precious boy who captures the hearts of everyone who gets to know him. We didn't get to meet him on our trip because he had been transferred elsewhere to recover from his surgery, but we did find out a bit about him. He is a bit of a tease at times, but very friendly, happy, loving and fun. His special need has been repaired and he seems to be doing very well. All Andy needs now is his family to find him. Could you be the family to love this adorable boy forever? Look at those cute, little pudgy cheeks--don't you just want to squeeze them and make him laugh?  Andy will keep you laughing and entertained.Could you picture holding him in your arms? For more information, please contact Marci: 


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