Friday, July 6, 2012

Terrific Taryn!

I want to tell you about Taryn. We met Taryn at her group foster home and she was happy, friendly, welcoming and got along with the other kids there very well. In fact, she seemed to be a caregiver or mother figure to a couple of the kids with significant special needs. She was so sweet and caring towards them, helping with their therapies, helping to meet their basic needs and to make sure they felt included in whatever activities were going on there. She also told us that one of the girls she takes care of is her best friend and that's who she would miss most if she were to be adopted. Taryn sincerely wants to be adopted. You can see it in her sweet eyes. She said she wants a Mom and Dad, older sister older brother, younger sister and younger brother. Taryn is worried about being alone if she doesn't find a family. She knows she is close to aging out. She is very open to moving to the U.S., as she says it has a better living environment and is better than China. She knows some simple words in English. 

Taryn Dressed up and ready to play

Taryn caring for her friend

Taryn playing our camp game

Taryn loves to dance; she likes jazz, Latin and street dance. She was also selected to be the MC for her school's Children's Day program. I can imagine that this would be a great job for Taryn-she is quite chatty:-) Taryn would do great in a family that has parented teenagers. It seems like it would take her a little while to warm up, but once she did, she would be a very caring member of a family and would make a wonderful addition. Taryn turns 13 in the fall, so we hope we can find her family before then. Please help us to spread the word about Taryn so she can find her family in time!

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