Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Journey of Hope

ASIA will likely have another opportunity to do a Hope Journey program in late winter or early spring! If any of the children in our last program captivated you or inspired you to adopt an older child, get started now so that your home study will be done when the next camp happens. Families with approved home studies will have priority! Of course the goal is to place all of the children and we're still not giving up on those last few in our current program who need families: Lin, John, Jillian, George and Gregory. Plus, ASIA has quite a few other waiting children on our individual waiting child list. We have girls and boys of all ages with captivating smiles waiting for their forever families to find them. Come explore our waiting child section of our website for more information!

Those of you who have helped find these children families have truly changed their lives! Thank you!

1 comment:

  1. This absolutely breaks my heart, I cannot even tell you. I have watched Lin since you first put him up, and wanted so badly to bring him home. But my husband and I aren't old enough to meet China's requirements. He is adorable and from what I can see seems like the very description of the kind of child we will be looking for. I'm so sad that we can't get through the red tape, and I HOPE that his forever family will find him soon!