Monday, February 8, 2010

Waiting Children

We have given so much attention to our Hope Journey children that I feel we need to devote some efforts to our other waiting children as well. Although I will mention that we are still looking for families for John a healthy 10 year old boy, Lin, Jillian, George and Gregory. Please see previous posts to find out more about them, or reference our website waiting child section.

Samantha is another waiting child whose smile would capture your heart if you saw it! She's on our password protected website, so contact me if you would like to view her information. She has the cutest nickname! According to her most recent update, she walks stably and can hold pens or pencils to draw. She is four years old and has a joint condition, but has made great strides in the last year. She is an extroverted and active little girl who likes to be close to others. She has talked with the caregivers at her orphanage and told them she is envious of the children who are adopted into foreign families. She desires to have a family of her own as well. Is there a family out there who would consider Samantha?

Benji is an adorable 5 year old boy with hand differences. He has a round face, big eyes and a captivating smile that lights up a room. He has been living with a foster family since he was four months old. Benji is an active and clever boy who is popular at the orphanage. He likes playing and laughing and his favorite activity is playing kickball. He also likes singing and listening to music. He is able to draw, count, and say the names of animals. He has a good command of language and likes to ask a lot of questions. He is adored by his foster family and a bit spoiled. He is in a remote area of China, which is home to large and unique community. Additional information is available from someone who knows him. If you could be Benji's family, please contact me:

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