Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back to Lucy...

Now that we have found families for most of our Hope Journey kiddos, we really need help finding Lucy a family. This is our hardest placement and yet the most urgent. Lucy is a darling 3 year old girl, but she likely needs a heart transplant due to the severity of her defects. This means that she needs a family with excellent medical insurance as well as a family who can afford to pay for the medical costs beyond what the insurance will cover. She also needs a family that will love her, no matter how long she ends up being on this earth. That's asking a whole lot of a family, so it's understandable that we haven't found one yet. But Lucy is not just a child with a heart defect, she is a bright, happy, survivor who has made it this far and is growing and developing incredibly well. What more can I say about this sweet child?

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