Friday, March 19, 2010


I have been at the annual JCICS conference all week. It has been an inspiring day for many reasons. Ideas, expertise and stories were shared, faces were connected with "email faces" and many tears were shed over the inspiring life stories. A couple things really hit me hard today. One was the work that people in this community do, day and night for the children all over the world who need people to fight for them. As they live their lives struggling to survive, those of us over here have to fight to get them what they truly deserve.

I was also enlightened by Love Without Boundaries about the medical care that is truly not available for many of the kids with special needs in China. Many children are on the verge of losing their lives because their special needs can't be treated there. We have one such life in our hands...Lucy's. I have gotten so many emails from families interested in adopting her. I have sent out her file to those who qualify to think seriously about the decision. No one has yet committed to her. So many people are advocating for this little girl in so many different ways. Yet, we need a family to step up and commit to her and proceed with a leap of faith, not knowing the outcome. Lucy is strong now, but we don't know what her future holds. When we do have a family for her for sure, I will post and rejoice. Until then, I will keep asking you to help me in the search to provide a better future for this little girl. She at least deserves a family who can get her the love and treatment she needs. She's a bright, happy girl who will bring joy to a family for however long her life will be. We don't have time to waste in Lucy's case, so if a family comes forward that is not DTC yet, they will have to understand that we cannot hold this child for them, as she may not have that long to wait. We have to do what is in Lucy's best interest and we're trying hard to do that for her. I know that the right family must be out there and I'm hoping we have already found them. I'm hoping I will have good news to share with all of you soon.

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