Friday, June 4, 2010

A Heart full of Heather

Heather is a very sweet little girl who was deaf until she received a cochlear implant. She is now learning to speak! She tries very hard, is obedient and wants to please. This girl also knows how to have fun when it is appropriate. I have an adorable picture of her going down the slide with a big smile on her face, but it's not quite appropriate for the internet, unfortunately. She loved her purple hula skirt and wore it for much of the afternoon! I wouldn't describe Heather as a girlie girl--she seems to keep up with the boys just fine. A family with some brothers might be a good fit for this one! She loves to be active and play on the playground. She also likes to help with the younger kids and is close to her nannies. Please contact me if you would like to consider Heather:

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