Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Boys and Girls

Aren't they cute?

How many people are expecting girls and surprise! Here's a boy! Boys are wonderful, too! They're happy, fun, full of energy, adventurous, mama's boys, cuddle bears, sweet, sensitive, talented, all that you ever wanted in a child, wrapped in a bundle of energy:-) This is my nudge to check out some of our boys. The girls on our lists always find their families pretty quickly, but there are precious boys that just sit there and wait. These are great kids! I know because I've met them, observed them and interacted with them. They're cute, adorable, sweet and hugable. They're well behaved (now how many American boys can you say that about?). Look at them all sitting there nicely! They really did that for two very long days. These boys have so much potential...police men, doctors, lawyers, teachers....husbands, fathers, sons, athletes.....is one of them your son? Contact me: marcisk@asiadopt.org and spread the word about these sweethearts!

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