Friday, May 28, 2010

Attention, Attention!

I have wonderful news to report! Chance, Shelby and Lily will all have families! We hope there will be others very soon, but it's a start!

As you all go home for this holiday weekend, please continue to spread the word about the other children that don't yet have families. Mark is really tugging at my heartstrings. He doesn't have any of the problems commonly associated with hydrocephalus--he is such a smart and talented little boy! He is coordinated, intelligent and adorable! I hope that his family is out there and will come forward for him. When hydrocephalus is caught early on, many children live healthy, normal lives. So if you're drawn to Mark, but scared of his special need, ask for his file and take a chance at considering him. You might just be surprised!


  1. Would you please tell me how long you have to be married before you can adopt a special needs child from your agency?

  2. How do you get to see the info/photos of your Hope Journey children?

  3. Thanks, Marci, for sharing the news. I am so excited to know these beautiful children have families. Keep the good news coming!

  4. Just fill out and email me this form to :

    Mailing Address:


    Phone Number:

    E-Mail Address:

    Your ages:

    Are you married? If so, what was the date of your marriage?

    Have you or your spouse been divorced? If so, how many times?

    Annual Income:

    Do your net assets reach $80,000 or more?

    What are you and your spouse’s highest levels of education?

    Do you or your spouse have a criminal record?

    What are you and your spouse’s BMI:

    Do you or your spouse have any health conditions, or a history of any health conditions? Do either of you take medication for anything? Please explain:

    Number of children in your home:
    How long have you had them?

    Do you have a home study completed or in process?

    Is your dossier in another country?
    If it’s in China, with what agency?
    Do they have access to the shared list?

    Why do you want to view ASIA’s waiting children?

    How did you hear about ASIA?

    State that you “agree” or “disagree” to the following statement:

    “I recognize that ASIA regards the information about children in its Waiting Child program to be private and confidential. If I am granted access to this information, I agree that I will only use this information personally in my own quest to adopt a child with special needs. I will not give the password and access information to anyone. I will not share or disseminate (including cut and paste) any of the information contained on the site.”

  5. You have to be married for 2 years if you have never been divorced and 5 years if you've been divorced before. Let me know if I can help you with anything else.