Friday, May 14, 2010


Quentin is the oldest of our Hope Journey II children. He is 12 years old, so in less than 2 years, he will lose the opportunity to have a forever family. Quentin is the sweetest boy! I was immediately drawn to his outgoing personality in the group setting. He was very sweet with the younger children. When we all went out to the playground, he played with Joel on the seesaw and they both had the biggest grins and giggles! He can be seen here leading the signing song that the kids did. Quentin was always the first to join in with whatever activity we were doing. He didn't hesitate to shake his body during the hula dance and jumped at the chance to do the limbo. He tried out his English with me a bit as well.

Quentin is a sensitive boy--he wrote and recited a poem about Spring that was so inciteful! I was getting it through translation, but even then I could picture what he was talking about. He also played an African drum very skillfully and clearly has musical talent and rhythm.

Quentin desperately wants a family! He seemed like a child full of joy that could bring a family much happiness. He was goofy when appropriate and well behaved when expected to be. He never hesitated to pose for a photo. I know Quentin's family must be out there, so please help me find them! He deserves so much more than being an orphan in China can afford him. Contact me for Quentin's file:

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