Monday, May 24, 2010

Jiggy Jimmy

Jimmy is a cute little boy who is full of enthusiasm! He loves to dance and is quite good at it! He and Mark are close buddies and the two were in several performances together with their adorable little smiles. Susan and I both had to refrain from scooping them up! Jimmy didn't seem at all affected by his special need and there were many times where it wasn't even noticeable. He seemed to enjoy every moment of his performances, as well as the group activities. Jimmy's favorite subjects are drawing and dance, which make sense because he is very talented at both. He also seems to be a very confident young boy. It's hard to put into words, but Jimmy had something about him that just drew my attention to him right away. Many of the boys around his age seemed to blend in and it was hard to remember their names, but I learned Jimmy's right away! He made great eye contact and seemed very friendly.


  1. Adorable. Who is the little girl in the top picture? Is she adoptable?

  2. That's Chrissy! Yes, all of the children are adoptable:-) Email me if you would like more information: