Thursday, May 27, 2010


Put yourself in a room with 35 kids and you are naturally drawn to some more than others. That's why a picture is worth a thousand words and each child has a family that is right for them. So naturally, Eva and I have different takes on some of the kids. So here is Eva's impression of Gavin who has the special need of club feet:

Gavin might look serious at times but when something interests him, he will have the brightest smile on his face and make you happy right away! Gavin is always very concentrated on his task, no matter if he’s drawing, dancing or listening quietly; but once he’s done, he will have a big smile on his face, telling you how much he enjoyed it. He’s very well behaved and played well with all the other kids’ even kids from the other orphanage. He did a “good friend” dance with his best friend during the talent show; it was very sweet.

I got to know him more during the interview. He is a polite kid, always says thank you and is not shy at all. He is very responsive and has lots of ideas, but he was distracted at times. He explored many options before he made up his mind to give me a final answer. He has a very strong will; it was hard to regain his attention when he was focusing on what he chose to do.

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