Friday, May 21, 2010

Spread The Hope

The weekend is coming; please spread the hope for these kids! Our blog is called ASIAhope because these kids are hoping that a family will come forward and give them the unconditional love they so deserve. We are working hard to help make their dreams come true, but we need your help. With your help, we can spread the hope and reach thousands more families! With your help, we may be able to find the right families for these children. So this weekend, when you're out having fun, tell some people you know about these kids and this blog. Help us spread the hope! It's so hard to convey through words all of the potential that I saw in the kids throughout the camp. They are all talented little people who have fun, play and smile just like any other child. They just need a forever family to help them reach their full potential. Could you be that family?
These are the kids that no one is considering currently:
Harley (likes math and Chinese, likes to play piano and wants to be adopted and go to the U.S and is very articulate)
Jimmy(talented musically, very tactile, funny and loves to play ball)
Heather (very sweet and friendly girl, well behaved and obedient)
Sam(Very sweet, friendly boy, outgoing, competent, affectionate and smart)
Gene(Friendly, happy, well behaved with fabulous musical ability)
Edward(loves to draw, wants to be adopted by American family)
Jack(loves to draw, is not a big fan of reading, if he could have anything it would be a cell phone from his mom and dad--he must be meant to live in America!)
Gavin(very polite, loves music and McDonalds. Wants to ride the train to work when he is grown up)
Joel(happy, active, enthusiastic, very logical, wants to teach kids to play games when he grows up)
Wade(loves art, drawing and playing ball, wants to be adopted)
Jeremy(advanced fine motor skills, prefers to play alone, quiet, happy)
Henry(likes to draw and listen to music, good at playing matching memory game)
Bo(likes Chinese and PE classes in school, likes to play and write his name)
Peter (Friendly, happy, good at matching game, plays with others well)
Lilah(beautiful, likes to play with foster sister, draw and do shapes puzzle)
Warner (Great smile, very smart and articulate, enjoys reading English stories and music and said emphatically that he wants to be adopted)
Fabian (If he could have anything in the world it would be a family, parents to love and play with him and help him with school, very responsive, loves basketball)
Michael(Good at coloring, tracing and repeating words, cute and sweet)
CJ (Wants to be a teacher when he grows up, says he's a good boy so he can be adopted)
Thomas (Bright, outgoing, happy, logical, wants to drive a big, red car)
Clive (loves dance, music, Chinese and English classes, does puzzles for fun, wants to be a policeman)
Harold (likes to help other children and play badminton, enjoys music and singing, sweet and sensitive, shy boy)
Lisa (enthusiastic and capable little girl, responsive, artistic and happy, performed without a coach by herself)
Shawn (sweet, happy, performed by himself, confident, responsive)
Contact me if you would like to consider any of them:

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